The Minor Detail

- For my father
One can never be fully prepared for a tragedy that strikes a family. On December 14, my father suffered a hemorrhagic stroke, which rendered him immobile and unable to communicate. This is a journey into a family's recovery.
Waiting for news from the hospital

The bleak 24 Hour waiting room. 

My mother is reading out the daily hospital food menu. The doctor had told us that my father would not be regaining back movement in his right arms and legs, along with his speech. 

On top of difficulties regaining movement, my father also started having epileptic seizures and had to be supervised at all times.

Daily physical therapy would consist of stretches to stimulate movement in his muscles

My father was not able to communicate any words other than "yes", and also had trouble writing out words.

New years

The first time coming out of the hospital after a month

Slowly and surely gaining more strength in the legs

My mother would come straight to the hospital after work, and would take naps at his bed when my father was doing physical and speech therapy at the rehabilitation facility. 

My father regained the use of his right arms and speech after two months, and was now able to feed himself. 

First day back home after two months in medical facilities

My father developed a blood clot in his leg having been in hospital beds for too long.

The amount of pills my father would take every day to control his diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, and seizures.

First day back at Church

My father with his grandson Edmund, born a year after his stroke.

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